CHICAGO, Ill. — Bottom Line Time today announced the launch of MonetaSuite at the ABA TECHSHOW(R) 2009. MonetaSuite is the Company’s flagship software product family that intuitively and seamlessly track, tag and report the time high-value workers spend in email and other productivity applications. The applications work in the background, tracking tasks and allowing the user to work without interruption. The software provides accurate information about the user’s work activities, and provides powerful insights for both the user and the enterprise.

The mission of the company, co-founded by Cecily Drucker (daughter of author and management consultant Peter F. Drucker), Sunil Maulik (a PhD. in bioinformatics and serial software entrepreneur), and Nova Spivack (founder of Radar Networks) is to provide next-generation business intelligence tools to high-value workers (lawyers, accountants, IT and management consultants, doctors, engineers). The products provide meaningful productivity analytics that assist in the optimum deployment of human resources, tracking client or internal cost-accounting and cost-recovery, and supporting claims for R&D tax credits.

The first product, MonetaMail(TM), automatically tracks email activities in Microsoft Outlook(R) by client and/or project (matter) code. The next product MonetaDocs, will track time spent in Microsoft Office(TM) applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Future versions will include mobile devices, and integrate time spent across Microsoft Office and other software platforms.

The products incorporate patent-pending technology that follows business processes and office workflows, giving individuals, teams and management alike greater insight into how they actually spend their time. Dave Bilinksy, legal technology authority states: “All professionals need to be able to capture as much of their billable time as possible. MonetaMail allows you to capture, track and bill that time – allowing you to improve your bottom line without working any harder.”

Drucker has a long experience as an entrepreneur, both as a transactions lawyer and as an advisor to other software start-ups. Some of her more notable clients have included an entertainment software business started by Alexey Pajitnov, the inventor of Tetris, Henk Rogers, who started Blue Planet Software, and Earthweb, co-founded by Nova Spivack.

Bottom Line Time is a privately-held San Francisco-based company. It provides high-value workers and enterprises with productivity solutions that improve their efficiency, effectiveness and help increase revenue.

MonetaMail is available for purchase at