TEMPE, Ariz. — Millions of consumers are faced with pain and swelling from arthritis, chronic and acute injuries. These consumers often find themselves forced to choose relief from an overabundance of products on the market, most of which are only marginally effective. That is why Locin Industries Ltd., the distributors of ActiPatch Pain Therapy have teamed up with STG Media Corp. and STG Interactive to introduce a clinically-proven, drug-free product designed to relieve pain, reduce swelling and actually speed healing.

STG Media Corp. is developing a Canadian-focused print media strategy designed to drive the retail and direct response sales of ActiPatch Pain Therapy, a state of the art rehabilitation patch. In concert with the Canadian launch of ActiPatch for pain, STG Interactive has created an e-commerce site, making the product available to online consumers.

STG Media CorpActiPatch pain relief technology has been widely used by doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists for decades. Undergoing pulsed, electro-magnetic therapy previously meant visiting a hospital to have an expensive and time consuming procedure using bulky machinery. Now, thanks to the development of microchip technology, this same trusted therapy is available in a small, home-use patch. The continuously pulsed low-level current generated by ActiPatch simply facilitates cell-to-cell communication in the affected area, reducing the inflammatory phase of injury and allowing healing to begin faster.

In addition to creating a strategic print media plan to educate consumers on this cutting-edge product, STG has designed print advertisements detailing the ground breaking technology that the product has to offer. “I have back pain myself and it has inspired me to design print advertisements that will really stand out to the readers and let them know that there is a product out there that can help them,” creative director of STG Media Corp., Paul Ficker said.

Locin Industries has also selected STG Interactive to design a Smart MicroCart Website and implement an online marketing program to target the U.S. consumer. The Smart MicroCart program is a refined internet selling platform which maximizes direct response sales online and guarantees a healthy return on investment. The website acts more like a call center than a standard online shopping cart, highlighting the least and most expensive offers. Then, based on what the shopper selects, the website will recommend upsell and cross-sell items prior to the final check out, increasing the average ticket amount. Additionally, STG Interactive builds multiple creatives for text ads, banner ads, popup ads, and e-mail marketing to drive traffic to the Smart MicroCart site.

“This online program is great for companies of all sizes. The Smart MicroCart program effectively sells and markets products without all of the overhead costs,” said president of STG Interactive, Geoff Hoffman.

You can visit the ActiPatch website now by visiting www.ActiPatchPainTherapy .com. The Canadian print media campaign launched in June and is testing through December.

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