TEMPE, Ariz. — The constantly evolving world of technology is making it difficult for new technology companies to claim the title of hot-new-item for any length of time. Brands like Apple, Sony and Toshiba are constantly setting the bar for new technology and making it harder for upcoming brands to stand out among the mass. This recent technology war has allowed Blu-ray(R) Players to reign over HD-DVD Players. But question is, for how long? In addition to the problem technology companies have staying on top of the newest trends, with the current state of the economy, price has also been a growing issue.

DVS SalesConsumers need to be educated on why they would want to pay a premium price for a DVD player. The Blu-ray Disc Association and NPD Group stated in a recent article that manufacturers need to build awareness in order to increase volume. Ross Rubin, NPD director of industry analysis, said, “Many consumers don’t see a need to upgrade from their standard DVD players.”

DVS Sales, a manufacturer of Blu-ray players has recently chosen STG Media Corp as their agency of record to help them try to avoid losing the battle of consumer interest. STG Media Corp will help DVS beef up brand awareness through the launch of a direct response print media campaign that will commence prior to the holiday season.

According to the consumer electronic association, consumer electronic sales hit their peak during the time of holiday gift giving. Also, 82% of DVD player purchases are also made during this time. “The holiday season is a perfect window of opportunity for DVS Sales to really stand out and grow their brand,” CEO of STG Media Corp, Thomas Lark said. “Our research team has found that there are ways to target the highest index of holiday shoppers who like to try new technology, and who don’t mind paying a premium price for a premium product.”

In addition to working with DVS Sales on a targeted print media campaign, STG Media Corp will also be designing a landing page for DVS’s Blu-ray player that will capture orders. The print media campaign and supplemental online media that DVS will be running will drive customers to the easy-to-use website to create optimal direct response sales.

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