TEMPE, Ariz. — Identigene, an industry leader in DNA identification testing, has chosen STG Media Corp as their Agency of Record. Identigene is a simple and reliable DNA paternity test that is currently available in 4,500 retail locations nationwide. The test includes swabs for collecting samples from inside the cheek of a child, alleged father and mother, which are then packaged and mailed to the Identigene lab in Salt Lake City. Results of the test are reported online or by mail 3-5 business days after the samples arrive at the lab.

“Identigene is a perfect candidate to build success by utilizing our wide array of services,” said CEO of STG Media Corp, Thomas Lark. “Identigene is a unique product, with the proper consumer education behind them, they will be able to maximize retail sales. We are designing a TV, print and radio campaign that will not only inform consumers that the product is out there, but that will also demonstrate that the product actually works.”

The Identigene television commercial is designed to connect with the millions of Americans who have questions about paternity. The commercial will also include a website address where consumers can enter their zip code to find a local pharmacy that stocks the Identigene DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit.

Identigene, a Sorenson Genomics company, was founded in 1993 and was the first DNA testing laboratory in the world to commercially use modern STR technology for paternity testing. Identigene offers a full range of DNA testing services including tests used to determine paternity, siblingship and other familial relationships, as well as DNA tests for purposes of immigration, child custody, settling estates and other family-related situations.

Additional information about Identigene and its DNA testing services is available by visiting

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