STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Everyone can appreciate a good T-shirt and most people like to stay informed regarding the news and current events. Subscribing to T-post is a lot like having a subscription to a magazine, but instead of receiving magazines in your mailbox – you receive T-shirts. The topics in focus vary from politics to bank heists to a glow-in-the-dark pig. You never know what you’re going to get, but one thing subscribers can be sure of is that people will be asking “Where did you get that shirt?”

T_Post News T-ShirtsEvery six weeks the T-post crew focuses on an appropriate news story and gets to work on designing a T-shirt based on that news. You may not always read about your T-shirt’s story in the papers but in the T-post crew’s opinion, you should have.

The story behind each shirt’s design is printed on the inside of the T-shirt, and the final result is more than just a cool looking shirt, it’s something to talk about.

Based out of Stockholm, Sweden uniquely designed T-shirts are being shipped out to all four corners of the Earth. What started off as a fun idea amongst a group of friends in 2004, began to spread to other groups and eventually other countries. During 2006 T-post ( has evolved into an actual company and is now launched internationally. According to the company, the rest is, well, history.

“We’re really excited now that the international launch has started,” said Peter Lundgren, Publishing Director and Editor in Chief, T-post. “We’ve already increased our total number of subscribers by 200% in the first two months alone.”

Each edition of T-post costs 26 EUR – that converts to USD $32.00. The price includes all shipping and handling so that all subscribers have to do is open the package and put on the news.

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