Viral Launch: Big Data Analysis

A revolution in the way huge amounts of information are quantified and interpreted is leading to massive benefits for companies that heretofore had no access to such services. According to Casey Gauss of the Viral Launch Research Division (the research division of, forecasting and planning tools that were once only available to big corporations with expansive IT budgets can now be accessed by smaller companies.

"We've extensively analyzed millions of data points from over 8,000 Amazon product launches," says Gauss, "and what we've learned about spotting trends, predicting results, and getting product's ranking on Amazon's coveted first page is priceless."

"The more information you have on millions of customers and products, the more you can make intelligent decisions going forward," says the Division's John Toomey.

Viral Launch has helped thousands of customers take advantage of Amazon and Google's algorithms to make millions of dollars. They have helped to turn six figure earners into 7 figure earners, and 7 figure companies into 8 figure companies, and have even taken one company into the 9 figure echelon.

"You don't have to be as big as Apple or IBM to gain access to these types of insights," says Gauss. "What you need is a partner who compiles tons of this data all day long, and analyzes it in a hundred different ways to find the kernels of wisdom that will help a company reach the next level."

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