Copywriters and art directors have the easiest job in the world. Right up until they have to deal with unimaginative clients, unknowledgeable account managers, and uninformed creative directors. With a wink and a sigh, Scott G sums it all up.

Look at how simple things are for advertising agency copywriters and art directors. A veritable life of ease.

Each job is a breeze. Why, every assignment comes down to just three simple steps:

1) Start with a blank computer screen.

2) Fill with words & images.

3) Google Borat and relax ’cause you’re done for the day!

See? No problem.

Oh, wait.

There are a couple of teeny tiny itsy bitsy little details.

Those words and images must catch the eye of a specifically targeted audience, insinuate a message inside their heads and/or hearts, and motivate a specific response from them (frequently involving their parting with some of their time and money), all while improving (or at least not screwing up) a company’s image.

Plus, more and more often these days, everything in the campaign must be accomplished with a “limited budget” and completed “ASAP.”

Then it must often be “revised,” “changed,” “reworked,” “re-thought,” “tweaked,” “altered,” “amended,” “affected,” “moved around,” or otherwise transmogrified.

Most important (and may I suggest that account managers keep this in mind) copywriters and art directors must work very very very very hard to suppress the urge to kill when asked to make the idea smaller and the logo bigger.

Not to mention when asked to put in more copy. And a snipe. And a burst. And a coupon. And two URLs. Plus reducing the size of the ad by 50%.

Oh, and can you add a picture of the client?

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