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John Scott G, an admitted word nerd, writes books, plays, screenplays, and political commentary. Author of "Area Code 666," "Secret Sex," and "Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka," Mr. G also writes under the pseudonym Gerald Laurence. Every day he happily rubs a few phrases up against each other to create sparks in your brain. You're welcome.

Ad Agency Diversity, Equality, Homogeny, Bigotry

Scott G was in the room as an advertising agency executive told a recruiter, 'No blacks or Hispanics.' The face of bigotry can be ugly or pretty, young or old, or anywhere in between. I know. I've looked at it several times.

Digging the Idea of an iTomb

iTomb Photo illustration by SnookFollowing the announcement of a patent for the video enhanced gravemarker, Scott G ponders the next phase of cemetery chic. Might there be an iTomb in your future?

Chevy Races Down Braindead Boulevard

The latest green TV commercial is from General Motors for their Chevrolet Tahoe. Scott G wonders how dumb viewers have to be to swallow this.

Animal Magnetism

Scott G humorously examines the use of pachyderms in three current TV campaigns for Prudential, GE, and TI.

AAD (Awful Agency Disease)

COLUMN: Every client wants a good ad agency (meaning one that creates effective advertising and doesn't pad their invoices). And some agencies try to oblige. But as Scott G points out, many ad shops seem to be working from a slightly different perspective, one that is counter-productive at best and destructive of brand equity at worst.

BCS (Bad Client Syndrome)

Every ad agency wants good clients (meaning ones who desire great advertising and pay their bills on time). And some clients agree with this. But as Scott G points out, many firms seem to be working from a slightly different perspective, one that kills creativity right from the start.

Auto Ad Concepts Jammed in Reverse

Scott G recently watched a lot of car commercials. He was not amused.

Putting the Brakes on VW Jetta Ad

The VW Jetta television commercials from Crispin Porter + Bogusky are shocking, effective, and eerily beautiful. But as Phil Hatten points out to Scott G, the sound designer has undercut their message (or VW has a product defect).

Playing by a Lack of Rules

THE TRUTH is G-MAN Political advertising sucks. Not only does it reduce complex issues to the level of a schoolyard taunt, there are few boundaries to constrain the worst offenders in the game. And the game appears to be called "Who Tells Lies the Fastest." With anger and sadness, Scott G looks at some of the dreck we endure prior to every election.

Agency Dot Bomb

There is something to be said for setting the bar too low: all subsequent efforts will look better. Scott G gives a mercifully brief examination of a recent train wreck from something calling itself