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Christopher Simmons has been a working journalist since his first magazine sale in 1984. He has since written for wide variety of print and online publications covering lifestyle, tech and entertainment. He is an award-winning author, designer, photographer, and musician. He is a member of ASCAP and PRSA. He is the founder and CEO of Neotrope®, based in Torrance, CA, USA.

The IAB announces the Formation of an Industry-wide Click Measurement Working Group

IAB LOGONEW YORK, NY -- The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) this week announced that they are forming an industry-wide Click Measurement Working Group to create a set of Click Measurement Guidelines. These Guidelines, a joint effort with the Media Rating Council (MRC), will provide the detailed definition of a "click" and the standard against which clicks are measured and counted including the identification of invalid clicks and/or fraudulent clicks.

Man Fur Makes Me Thirsty – Alcohol and Shaving Don’t Mix

Cuervo Black and Coke commercialCOLUMN: Apparently shaving is no longer hip and cool. I'm watching TV, the commercials come on, and I am blinded by the stubble... oh the stubble ... Does Paris Hilton think "that's hot?" Ohmigod! I need to stop shaving or I'm not going to get past that velvet rope!

Federal Judge to Rule on Google’s Right to Allegedly Limit Speech on the Internet

LOS ANGELES, CA -- At 9:00 a.m. on Friday, June 30, 2006 in United States Federal Court, 280 S. First Street, Courtroom #3, San Jose, California, a drama will play out between (a site for kids zero to seven and their parents) and the giant of the Internet, Google, controlling up to 80% or more of 'Net searches worldwide.

New Book Shows the Beauty of the Advertising Industry

Hello GorgeousNEW YORK, NY -- Noted beauty expert, marketing guru, and author Rachel Weingarten's new book: "Hello Gorgeous! Beauty Products in America, '40s-'60s" (ISBN: 1933112182, Collectors Press, 5/06) is a chic social commentary on beauty advertising, and combines her marketing and beauty industry background. The book explores the beauty culture past and present, women's evolving spending power in America while highlighting the exhortations and beauty products geared to women in the mid last century and into our own times.

LookSmart Unveils its Next Generation PPC AdCenter

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- LookSmart Ltd. announced this week the launch of their new enhanced AdCenter with improved functionality icnluding Daily budgets (versus monthly) which give you more control of your distribution and spend. You will now be in distribution every day of the month.

When Product Placement Goes Too Far

The Island - xboxCOLUMN: Product placement is considered a necessary evil and potential savior for the advertising industry, but sometimes the concept gets in the way of the art form. The recent creative and financial flop The Island took the concept way too far.