Interactive online presentations, consumer generated content, DIY ad campaigns, viewer voting, and Joe Public development of stories and videos are starting to be found virtually everywhere. Scott G says go ahead, write this column.

Having just completed an article for Talent Zoo entitled “Sex in Marketing,” it occurred to me that a lot of what we do in communications revolves around inserting the right __________ in the right __________ at the right time.

See how easy this interactive thing can be?

Almost everywhere you turn these days, someone is figuring out a way to have other people create entertaining content that helps sell a product.

The idea is to engage viewers and consumers who might otherwise ignore your carefully crafted ads, spots, coupons, announcements, posters, and promotional items. All in all, it’s a __________ idea.

There’s no denying that this situation is exciting for those of us who are on the concept side of marketing and communications. But those of us who also write or produce ads and commercials, it can be truly __________.

Who’s in Charge?
The trick is to devise an event that will produce non-derogatory content. No one wants to create a situation like General Motors did with its Make Your Own Chevy Tahoe TV Commercial fiasco, in which people posted commercials with messages like “Morons Drive Gas Guzzlers Like Tahoe” or even “____ you, GM.”

Do you step in and edit or censor such messages, or do you suck it up and hope the interaction will lead to better client relations in the future?

You Can Co-Write This Column
So, as an experiment, let’s you and I collaborate on this edition of the “Communication Nation” column. I’ve started it, and now you get to __________.

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