SACRAMENTO, CA /Advertising Industry Newswire/ — Every country has a national anthem, so why not every company? That is exactly the question that the founder of puts forth to potential customers. This new and innovative Website offers businesses the opportunity to create a personal song or “eNthem.” Why have customers listen to “on-hold” music, when you can use these precious minutes to communicate what your company is all about? Callers will be educated, entertained and probably, pleasantly surprised by your company’s ingenuity.

Stan Oleynick“As a young boy of 17, five years ago, I immigrated to America from Russia,” Stan Oleynick, the brains behind, said. “I had a dream of starting a computer business and this is the first step in a flight of many.”

For businesses interested in creating an eNthem, the process is simple. Customers provide company background, contact information, and emphasize what the song should communicate. Within two weeks, the song will be complete.

Copyright belongs to the customer and their eNthem can be used in anyway they choose – to play on their business’s Website, for television and radio ads, video clips and much, much more.

“The eNthem makes your business stand out from the crowd,” John Marks, insurance business owner, said. “When I asked a few of my customers about the idea and listened to their positive reactions, I knew I had to try it.”

The fixed price for an eNthem is $499 for a 3-minute piece. Oleynick may even sing; he has a musical background and can add a unique edge to the song.

Oleynick aims to achieve a financial goal of $1 million. Customers who pay an additional amount, and assist in attaining this goal, receive “Top Investor” status. As “Top Investor” the reward will be 5 percent ownership of a revolutionary, Internet project that is his final goal. The business’ company logo or name will be featured on the eNthem homepage and linked to their company’s Website, guaranteeing great exposure.

To listen to an eNthem about, visit the Website at and learn more about why businesses are tuning in and turning up the volume.

For more information contact: Stan Oleynick of, 916-712-9637, stan.oleynick @

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