ORLANDO. Fla. — Direct Hit Media, llc, headquartered in Florida, has created a unique form of targeted advertising; it delivers one of the best one-to-one marketing venues available – the Cart-Vertising(TM) program. How is it done? Advertisements are placed on golf carts within an established network of premium golf courses throughout the United States.

A targeted media, providing access to millions of premium consumers, delivers the perfect location and appropriate amount of repetition required for a successful marketing campaign.

According to Direct Hit Media, the golfer demographic is one of the best around: 65 million consumers golf; active golfers include both men and women; and the median household income is over $80,000.

“Golfers travel, invest, insure, buy cars, purchase second homes, and many run or own businesses,” Brad Pavek, founder, Direct Hit Media, llc, said. “They purchase premium big ticket and luxury items; they use the latest high-tech gadgets; and they support the game of golf and the products and services associated with it.”

In order for marketing campaigns to succeed, advertising must address the following three categories: the design and creative copy of the ad; repetition; and location.

“We have the quality eyeballs for rent; it’s up to the advertisers’ creative department to design an ad that drives them to their product,” Pavek explains.

The Cart-Vertising(TM) program repeatedly exposes people on the golf course to ads over a four-hour period of time. The setting is relaxed and low key, and people are there because they want to be. Every time they reach for a golf club, they are exposed to an advertisement – they can’t change the channel, turn the page, or toss it out.

“Our strategy is to access this high-disposable income demographic by advertising directly to that consumer by placing four-color, digitally printed, UV-stabilized labels on golf carts,” Pavek said.

The advertising is non-static with multiple rolling billboard ads, placed at hundreds of golf courses, allowing up to 250 million impressions over a six-month media placement.

“Cart-Vertising(TM) works,” Pavek said. “It’s simple, gets results, and is cost effective. Imagine a price less than $10 per thousand impressions? The pricing is comparable to what companies currently pay for postage for direct-mail campaigns.”

The company shares their philosophy of the “Four Rs”: Repetition to a targeted customer yields retention, which creates a reaction that equals revenue.

Direct Hit Media has 65 licensed representatives building their network of equity-sharing golf courses throughout the United States. Over 25,000 ad spaces are currently available, and by year-end, their goal is to top off at 80,000.

Direct Hit Media is also a proud contributor to breast cancer research; 2.5 percent of all gross sales are donated.

For more information, visit:, call: 800-731-6390.

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