SAN JOSE, Calif. — MyAdTV, Inc. (, a software service provider dedicated to bringing digital signage solutions to the masses, today announces the release of the MyAdTV digital signage platform free of charge to the public. The MyAdTV platform provides a complete solution to in-store advertising. In addition, MyAdTV allows businesses to locate and advertise on third party digital signage screens through MyAdXchange.

Chain operators such as Wal-mart(R), Albertsons(R) and Best Buy(R) are beginning to implement digital signage in their stores nationwide. Public venues such as shopping malls and airports are also adopting the use of digital signage. Most implementations employ custom solutions which are both expensive and require recurring resources to maintain. Digital signage is out of reach for most independent store owners due to the large investment they have to make.

With the advancement of Internet technology, MyAdTV engineered a solution that transforms digital signage from a high cost, high tech system to a low cost, easy to use web application. This digital signage platform is now available to the public as a software service. Anyone can sign up for the free ‘Starter Package’ and gain access to this powerful tool immediately. No software installation is required, and the content creation and playback can be done on any PC connected to the Internet. Content display is controlled and updated remotely from anywhere without interruption to the display. The usage is easy enough for a new user to self-start in less than 30 minutes.

MyAdXchange is the first fully automated ad trading platform which allows store owners to exchange ads for the purpose of cross-promotion. MyAdXchange is a valuable tool to help local stores convert near by shoppers into customers.

“The inception of MyAdTV started when we realized there is a cheaper and better way of implementing digital signage using ‘Software As A Service’.” said Yvonne Li, Founder and CEO of MyAdTV. “This model enables us to offer our service to business owners so that they can start using digital signage right away. The best part is that they don’t have to commit to buying any hardware or software. We are also the first one to develop an ad trading platform that allows store owners to cross-promote each other’s businesses. We are energized by this new paradigm, knowing many businesses will benefit from this new tool.”

MyAdTV’s expandable and reconfigurable account architecture allows store owners to increase the usage at their own pace. A multi-level account structure can be constructed with varying administrative rights. The architecture also allows content aggregation from various users within the chain.

The MyAdTV platform creates new opportunities for other small businesses besides store owners. Service oriented companies can easily incorporate digital signage to their existing operation. Using MyAdTV, businesses such as content creation and management, system integration and on-location ad sales can enter this market without excessive starting capital.

About MyAdTV, Inc.
Founded in 2004 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, MyAdTV puts tremendous effort in developing applications to greatly expand the scope of digital signage. The two flagship technologies include hierarchical account architecture and a fully automated ad trading platform. To sign up for a free account, please go to MyAdTV is in the process of seeking first round funding. For investor relations, please contact Yvonne Li, Founder and CEO, by sending email to

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