Author and intrapreneurship expert Susan Foley, Managing Partner of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC, is excited to announce the release of the paperback version of her latest book, "Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why" (ISBN: 978-1734956900).

BOOK: Intrapreneurs, by Susan Foley

Author and intrapreneurship expert Susan Foley, Managing Partner of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC, is excited to announce the release of the paperback version of her latest book, "Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why" (ISBN: 978-1734956900).

The new book explores the role of an intrapreneur within businesses, from how they drive innovation and serve as a catalyst for positive change, to how their unique mindset and competencies distinguish them as unconventional assets capable of propelling exceptional business growth.

"Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why" offers perspective on what an intrapreneur is, the significant impact they have on an organization and how they are serving as agents of change by rewriting the rules of business. Throughout 241 pages, Foley defines intrapreneurship and chronicles the journeys of intrapreneurs across the globe, helping readers understand their individual paths to success and lessons learned along the way.

"This book examines the incredible value of having an intrapreneur on the leadership team of any business, and the extraordinary combination of qualities they possess that distinguish them from their peers," said Foley. "Intrapreneurs are leading their organizations into the future with their incredible foresight, critical thinking skills and propensity to take action versus waiting for change to happen."

As Foley explains in her book with research and real examples, intrapreneurs are quickly becoming the new face of leadership in the changing world of business. As an integral member of the internal team, they create new processes that build value through new business ventures, new product launches, new services and more. They thrive on problem solving, consistently leverage technology and address business challenges head-on - seeing every situation as an opportunity to learn and prosper.

Their self-awareness, resiliency and high level of productivity help them see business functions through a different lens, resulting in action and measurable results.

"These individuals are the hidden talent in most organizations, building and refining their skillset over time through experience," Foley said. "This person must be discovered, their talents cultivated, and their skills applied across all business functions. They can - quite literally - turn the impossible into the possible because they're not afraid to try anything. They're more afraid to not try."

"Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why" takes a candid, real world look at intrapreneurship, including the force behind it, nuances, profiles, success factors, aspirations, challenges, value, leadership and the future of the role in business. It's a must-read roadmap for every business leader, helping them understand why this role is important and how to identify their own intrapreneurs for the sake of successfully driving innovation and growth.

"Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why" is the third book by Foley, who has also authored "Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth" and "Entrepreneurs Inside."

She is Managing Partner of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC, a professional services firm that assists businesses with building intrapreneurship as a strategy for new business growth. She is a champion for research on intrapreneurs, helping countless organizations identify their internal intrapreneurs and understand how they are distinguishable from other employees. Her breakthrough research - based largely on direct observation of intrapreneurs around the world - has helped business leaders globally understand the critical need for this role and experience their remarkable contributions.

In addition to being an expert in the field, Foley is an international speaker and taught Corporate Entrepreneurship at Babson College, Executive Education and Social Change at Suffolk University.

The e-book version of "Intrapreneurs: Who, What, How and Why" was released on June 21, 2020, and the new paperback version is now available on Amazon for $19.99.

A comprehensive summary of the book is available online at - where visitors will also find additional resources focused on business growth and success.

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