OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — ONEsite, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise community and social networking software, announced today the launch of its new Class A datacenter and a series of wide ranging performance enhancements to the patent-pending technology of the ONEsite Platform.

“It took two years to grow through 1 million users and now we are growing at 1 million users every two months,” said Bob Crull, ONEsite’s CEO. “Our platform is both flexible and fast. If a company wants to engage their users, we have the software and infrastructure to ensure it is a pleasant experience.”

With media and entertainment clients that include Clear Channel and Univision, ONEsite has created a system that can not only handle a high volume of day to day traffic, but the capability to deliver a consistent user experience even under an intense spike in traffic. The latest enhancements provide a 10x increase in performance and the capability to handle over 20 million users with hardware on hand and rapidly scale to support exponential growth.

The ONEsite platform is architected to scale horizontally. Its caching strategy delivers 70-90% of pages directly from the cache while still providing users with an interactive, dynamic experience. The newly launched datacenter and architecture upgrades greatly enhance the effectiveness and capacity of its proprietary clustered server environment.

ONEsite maintains dual datacenters in Oklahoma City and is able to provide consistent operations with the loss of either datacenter. The company is a subsidiary of with a 14 year tradition of delivering innovative, scalability internet applications and services. Ineffective scalability that has crippled many growing social networks and their providers does not affect the ONEsite platform which has been specifically architected to provide the performance and scalability critical to the success of its clients.

About ONEsite
ONEsite offers full-featured social networking platform built on patent-pending technology. Its open, scalable architecture provides one of the highest levels of functionality, flexibility, reliability, and interoperability in the industry. ONEsite technology is complemented by a talented and experienced team that delivers more enterprise-class community destinations than any other white-label social networking provider.

ONEsite has a proven ability to create the distinctive, engaging and successful social experiences demanded by leading media, entertainment and lifestyle brands including Clear Channel and Univision. ONEsite offices are located in Oklahoma City, Los Angeles and Seattle with expansion underway in New York and London.

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