OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — In today’s economy, every dollar counts and how people buy and sell products is quickly changing to meet economic need. Price Universe, LLC offers the first price comparison web site that gives the seller/merchant the ability to list one product for more than one price and also provides buyers with options as well. The web site,, is designed so sellers can list a “Buy it Now” price; list a club price; or offer a combination of the two. With the “Buy it Now” feature, members and non-members simply click on the button and they will be directed to the merchant’s site to buy it. If the club feature is chosen, members will be required to join that club. At the closing time of each club, emailed notifications will be sent to the members who have agreed to buy that product.

“Setting club prices is great if the merchant wants to sell in bulk, to promote a product, or to promote their business and web site,” Christopher Kirtley, co-owner Price Universe, LLC said, explained. “Our Internet sales method using the club prices is patented and while we do what many current price comparison sites do, we also do more. We are the future of price comparison.”

With, members may choose the price for their product. If they choose to join a club rather than buy from the merchant directly, that is a viable option.

Each club has different prices, minimum member requirements, and start/end dates. All of these are set by the merchant. Categories are varied and range from electronics and sporting goods to automotive accessories and jewelry.

The benefit of the club option is that if members have time to wait, they can get their products for less. In addition, merchants benefit from bulk sales.

Product listing is also made easy. Merchants can add their products in one of three ways. They can use the online form; upload feed files using their FTP account; or upload feed files from their desktop.

For a limited time, is excited to announce that all merchants listing new products will be able to do so for free. After the free trial period, merchants will only have to pay a small monthly fee; they can list as many products as they want.

Additionally, Better Business Bureau(R) online (BBBonline) merchants can choose to only pay for their full clubs instead of the monthly fee.

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