As increased feelings of anxiety and depression rise during this global pandemic, 12traits announces the release of a free assessment and report breaking down the psychology of health and wellbeing as it pertains to COVID-19 circumstances - especially the decrease in physical contact due to social distancing measures.

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As increased feelings of anxiety and depression rise during this global pandemic, 12traits announces the release of a free assessment and report breaking down the psychology of health and wellbeing as it pertains to COVID-19 circumstances - especially the decrease in physical contact due to social distancing measures. In a time when 63% of individuals are reporting increased symptoms of mental illness and 1 out of 4 individuals has reported the use of excessive alcohol to cope with the stress of quarantine, the consumption of media is increasing, screen time is soaring, and players are investing more in online and mobile gaming.

"While spending time online connecting with friends can certainly make you feel good 'in the moment,' we have to be careful," says Joe Schaeppi, the CEO and co-founder of 12traits who is also a psychotherapist. "Not all digital experiences are created equal when it comes to our digital hygiene and wellbeing."

While previous research has shown mixed results on the influence video games have on our wellbeing, Schaeppi wants people to understand that the issue is nuanced and that in 2020, there are more applications and benefits to gaming than we've previously realized. "Of course, too much of anything can be bad for you. But in the last several years, as researchers begin to study how games impact our brains and health, there are some clear, overwhelming benefits," says Schaeppi. "Increased feelings of social connectedness, joy, excitement, competition, overcoming challenges - these are all strategies that can improve positivity and as a result, help our bodies regulate our negative emotions. We're here to help match what games are likely best for each individual in the same way a nutritionist might craft a diet just for you."

Rooted in the biopsychosocial approach to wellbeing, the 12traits at Home Wellbeing Assessment is designed to give individuals a chance to assess how they are dealing with the stress of COVID-19 as well as offer insights and actions to improve physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

"An important part of how we cope with increased anxiety and depression is related to our hobbies, how we play, and what we do with free time. Hobbies, play, and leisure balance out our daily lives - they bring us joy and we often build a community around our shared interests," says Schaeppi. The report also includes personalized recommendations for games individuals can play to improve their mood during the quarantine. "Gaming and mental health are our two biggest passions at 12traits, so we wanted to do what we can to help with mental health during COVID-19 and also show that there are fun and healthy games out there that can actually help with the stressors of these times."

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The At Home Wellbeing Assessment covers a number of topics to help individuals take inventory of their self-care strategies:

Adaptability To Change

COVID-19 has been particularly difficult for individuals who have a hard time adapting to disruptions around them. Behaviors like compulsive consumption, expressed irritability, and excessive stockpiling are indicators that someone is struggling to adjust to their changing surroundings. Learning which behaviors signal learning and growth can enable someone to appreciate their incremental steps towards increasing adaptability, which is important for building lasting resilience.

Social Connectivity

Having a support network to lean on when our mental health is challenged is a well-documented strategy for improving one's wellbeing, but stay-at-home orders and efforts to flatten the curve are leaving many individuals feeling disconnected and alone. The 12traits at Home Wellbeing Assessment gives a personalized assessment of an individual's efforts to maintain regular social contact, including specific strategies for increasing feelings of social connection online while also engaging in social distancing.

Brain Balance Best Practices

Understanding the hormonal balance within our brain chemistry is essential learning for individuals wanting to master their sleep, health, and overall potential. Learning which hormones and neurotransmitters contribute to feelings like depression and anxiety, as well as which enable a healthy brain balance, can allow individuals to understand the science behind behavioral changes.

"For me, understanding what was happening in my brain and body was one of the most important insights I ever had in regards to my own mental health and potential. It's certainly a part of what inspired my career path as a psychotherapist," says Schaeppi.

Motivations Profile

A change in mental wellness has a direct impact on a person's motivations, including the desire to begin and complete tasks that may otherwise not be a struggle. The 12traits at Home Wellbeing Assessment gives a breakdown of the components of motivation, showing how an individual can lean on their strengths during times of stress.

Gaming Styles and Recommendations

Individuals can target specific behaviors or emotions they'd like to improve and the 12traits at Home Wellbeing Assessment will generate games that support a positive, balanced play approach specific to each individual.

Emotional State Scorecard

This feature provides mindfulness-based insights on which positive and negative emotions are strongest in our daily lives as well as suggestions on how to cultivate more positive feelings like contentment, confidence, and happiness.

Physical and Psychological Wellbeing

Furthering the evidence that how we think impacts how we feel, the 12traits at Home Wellbeing Assessment helps indicate which daily habits contribute to our physical and psychological wellbeing. Tips to improve sleep, nutrition, social interaction, and physical activity are among some of the strategies suggested.

While the linkage to gaming and mental wellbeing might seem like an odd pairing to some, for Schaeppi and 12traits, the connections are crystal clear. "As we're all doing our part to flatten the curve, stay home, and/or social distance, it means that many people are losing access to their normal outlets - whether that means a workout routine, a creative pursuit, or social interactions. Games are, without a doubt, the most interactive and experiential form of consumable digital media and thus, have a larger ability to make a positive impact. And it's certain that we could all use a little more joy, health, and overall wellbeing during this time."

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