US Pharmaceutical Corporation, the probiotic and nutritional supplement company, launches Hylafem pH vaginal suppositories, a unique, patented, homeopathic suppository product which efficaciously tackles recurring women's vaginal health issues.

US Pharmaceutical Corporation

US Pharmaceutical Corporation(R), the probiotic and nutritional supplement company, launches Hylafem(R) pH vaginal suppositories, a unique, patented, homeopathic suppository product which efficaciously tackles recurring women's vaginal health issues.

Introducing Hylafem(R) pH, a patented, over-the-counter, probiotic-based vaginal suppository with an easy applicator. Hylafem(R) pH effectively addresses symptoms of bacterial vaginosis (BV), urinary tract infections, vaginal bacterial and yeast infections and post-menopausal dryness, with minimal to no side effects.

"Developing new and innovative products is a passion of mine. My focus is on delivering effective alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical therapies. I am inspired by the ever-evolving benefits of microbes in and on our bodies that are being revealed," said Allison Krebs, CEO, US Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Hylafem(R) pH relies on the power of probiotics to restore the vaginal microbiome to a state of equilibrium. One fast-dissolving probiotic suppository capsule, adhering to the mucosal membrane, lowers pH from 7.0 to 4.5 within 5 minutes after administration. Most over-the-counter oral probiotics may not even reach the vaginal canal, but Hylafem(R) pH directly delivers the probiotics necessary to balance and maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome, which may help stimulate the immune response during vaginal infections.

Easy to self-administer, with none of the potentially dangerous side effects associated with clindamycin, and none of the messiness of metronidazole gels, Hylafem(R) pH is affordable, manufactured and produced in FDA-registered facilities, and provides effective relief, in many instances, with one dose in one day.

NDC 52747-0255-03
U.S. Patent No: 6,797,266 and 10,258,567


* Probiotics: Hylafem(R) pH releases 200 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus casei (KE-99) and 100 billion CFUs of Lactobacillus gasseri. Lactobacillus casei produces lactic acid that helps provide a healthy vaginal environment; Lactobacillus gasseri produces bacteriocin, a protein that helps fight bad bacteria.
* Homeopathics: Boricum Acidum 3XHPUS is a homeopathic dilution that combats yeast infections.
* Antioxidants: Vitamins E and C fight free radicals.
* Plant-based capsule: The capsule is made of pullulan, a plant-based material that stabilizes the organism for maximum effectiveness and extended shelf-life.


• Treats vaginal bacterial and yeast infections
Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is one of the most common infections in women of reproductive age. BV occurs when there is an imbalance of good vs. harmful bacteria in the vaginal microbiome.

• Rebalances vaginal pH and restores vaginal health
A rise in pH can increase the likelihood of infection. One vaginal suppository repopulates the vagina with lactobacilli, the predominant bacteria in healthy women, creating an unfavorable environment for the growth of bacteria including pathogens.

• Helps relieve burning, itching, irritation, inflammation and dryness, inside and out

• Helps reduce odors due to vaginal infection

* Additional applications Also recommended for prevention and maintenance of post-menopausal, post-childbirth, post-surgical, chemotherapy, diabetes-related conditions. In the U.S., 32 million post-menopausal women seek relief from the chronic pain associated with vaginal dryness, cracking and itching.

• Reduces recurrence Clinical management of BV has made little progress in the past two decades. The first-line antibiotic therapy showed 70 to 80 percent curative rates after four weeks of treatment, however, high rates of recurrence occurred within 12 months, reaching 40 to 50 percent.


Many products are designed to provide relief for the symptoms associated with BV, UTI and vaginal dryness. But clinical studies show that, unlike Hylafem(R) pH, traditional treatments do not directly address the main causal imbalance of the lactobacillus-dominated (healthy) vaginal flora in the vaginal microbiome and therefore recurrence is frequent.

Hylafem(R) pH is:

* Highly effective and offers sustained relief About 21 million American women under the age of 49 suffer from an outbreak of BV at least once per year. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), most have a recurrence within 6 to 12 months, and enter a cycle of antibiotic use.

* Targeted with an improved side-effect profile: Non-hormonal, reduced cancer risk, blood clot risk.

* Non-prescription: Available over-the-counter

* In powder form: Reduces messiness post-application

* Simple and effective: Contains only six ingredients, delivered in a plant-based capsule.

Hylafem(R) pH can be purchased at for $29.95 MSRP.

About US Pharmaceutical Corporation

US Pharmaceutical Corporation(R) is a family-operated pharmaceutical company based in Atlanta, Georgia, with a specialty in patented prescription nutritional supplements and probiotics. We are proud to serve our patients and customers across the USA, under the same ownership, since 1954. Our team has a lifelong commitment to health and well-being, with probiotics being a consistent part of their daily regimen.

When we develop new medications and devices, the first question we ask ourselves is, "What would we like if we were the patient?" That's how we developed our slogan "Products designed with the patient in mind." US Pharmaceutical Corporation(R) provides product literature, free samples and product vouchers to health-care providers.

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