On November 1, VELDT Inc. will unveil the most intuitive and attractive 'smartwatch' ever. The LUXTURE AARDE(tm) features new technology that revolutionizes how we receive information from a watch. For seekers of balance, the new LUXTURE goes beyond smartwatches to help users achieve intelligence and beauty.

VELDT Luxture Aarde 3-models

On November 1, VELDT Inc. will unveil the most intuitive and attractive 'smartwatch' ever. The LUXTURE AARDE(TM) features new technology that revolutionizes how we receive information from a watch. For seekers of balance, the new LUXTURE goes beyond smartwatches to help users achieve intelligence and beauty.

LUXTURE AARDE (Dutch for 'Earth') redirects the focus away from the always-connected digital world to relish the richness of the real world. The revolutionary timepiece features the award-winning VELDT FLARE(TM) technology - a loop of 24 LED lights embedded under the analog dial. LUXTURE elegantly displays colored lights and vibration patterns, rather than words, to alert users in a meaningful way.

The LUXTURE AARDE was created with the desire for a sustainable future in mind. Staying informed on UV exposure, wave levels, and weather promote personal well-being. Climate Action Reminder fosters awareness of global climate change and provokes individual efforts that collectively result in a big impact. Fitted with a unique Birch or Stone strap made of sustainable material such as chaochouc natural rubber, shale and birchwood, there is a feeling of calmness and serenity with each glance at your wrist.

Alerts can be connected to Facebook(R), Instagram(R), WhatsApp(R), emails, calls, three different calendars, and customized for five VIP contacts.

In addition to internal sensors, LUXTURE takes data from your smartphone health app so you can track health indicators such as activity level, steps and weight on the LUXTURE app. Another feature typically found on classic luxury watches, LUXTURE expresses the moon phase with yellow lights.

VELDT began developing IoT products and services in 2012, successfully integrating luxury watches with technology to offer products and services connected to cloud systems. VELDT has been praised worldwide for its detailed design and technique, while integrating the latest technology. Awards include the 2015 Museum Selection Award by Japan Industrial Designers and 2016 Grand Prize Nikkei Trendy Startup Product Awards in the Fashion Category.

"As a society, we're becoming more aware of our ever-present reliance on technology," said Jin Nonogami, CEO of VELDT and developer of the patented VELDT technology. "People are looking for life-tech rebalance. We want the benefits of information delivered in real time, but current smartwatches deliver too much information with the effect of being intrusive. We feel chained to the data and overwhelmed." This was the inspiration for LUXTURE, which intends to provide just the right amount of information deemed important by the wearer.

Subtle indicators and changes in light on LUXTURE are inspirational rather than intrusive. "The concept of creating time is different than getting every notification every second," says Nonogami. "It allows our busy life, torn in multiple directions fighting for attention, to be simpler, smarter and thus more enjoyable. Filtering the information, and delivering only that which you choose, is the watch's most important function."

The LUXTURE differs from other smartwatches in the sense that a wearer won't be making calls, receiving texts, or tracking fitness goals only. "We don't want it to be just an extension of your phone, or a part of only one aspect of your life," said Yuko Shimizu, Vice President at VELDT USA, Inc. "The design and aesthetics are a major focus so it can be worn to complement your style at various occasions, from casual to dressy."

LUXTURE features Riiiver(R), an open platform to connect IoT devices and mobile services, provided by the world-renowned Citizen(R) brand. Riiiver is designed, developed and operated by VELDT and owned by Citizen. The unique collaboration, and IoT development knowledge by VELDT, means the owner needn't rely on third parties to create, maintain or support functions and services. What's more, it gives users the ability to create new functionalities. Plus, functions created on Riiiver can be shared with other users, thereby developing connectedness and community surrounding the user's interest. This openness for user creativity and limitless development of functionality sets Riiiver, and the LUXTURE watch, apart from everything else on the market. For the first time, you can own a luxury style watch with infinite options for functionality.

VELDT LUXTURE AARDE comes in three styles - rose-toned with 'Birch' strap, stainless steel with 'Stone' strap, and black with black strap. Wearers will appreciate the wireless charging dock and a battery life of approximately three days. Sensors include an accelerometer, light sensor and UV sensor. The watch is Bluetooth(R) Low Energy 5 ready, and water resistant (5 bar).

Pricing and Availability

Beginning November 1, LUXTURE will be available online at and in select b8ta retail stores - Hudson Yards (NY), Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Santa Monica, Calif. Prices range from $650 (US) for the black-on-black model to $750 (US) for the rose-toned and stainless steel models.

A watch that delivers information without being intrusive? As attractive as it is functional? It's here. It's revolutionary. It's LUXTURE.


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