Drink HRW, the company that revolutionized the supplement industry with its molecular hydrogen tablets, now releases BOOST and BUILD - Ultimate Pre-Workout Performance Supplements.


Drink HRW, the company that revolutionized the supplement industry with its molecular hydrogen tablets, now releases BOOST and BUILD - Ultimate Pre-Workout Performance Supplements. Each formulated with three ingredients scientifically shown to enhance physical and mental performance, BOOST helps you push harder, feel sharper, and crush the competition while BUILD helps create Strength, Power, and Muscle Gain.


Supercharge Your Movement with Nitrosigine (a patented nitric oxide booster), Drink HRW tablets (molecular hydrogen), and caffeine to give you a rapid mental and physical lift. These ingredients have been clinically validated to improve energy, mental focus, nitric oxide levels, endurance capacity, high-intensity performance, and muscle recovery. Research on all three active ingredients in BOOST has improved various markers of mental and physical performance for both endurance and high-intensity exercise. Together, they provide total mind and body stimulation.

- Nitrosigine is a patented blend of arginine and silicon which increases levels of nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator and circulation-improver. Nitrosigine has been shown to increase perceived energy and focus within 15 minutes of supplementation.

- Researchers call hydrogen a "master regulator" because it brings many processes in the human body into harmony. Thirteen years of clinical research shows that molecular hydrogen has rejuvenative effects, including improvements in energy, exercise capacity, and metabolic health.

- Caffeine is the most studied acute performance enhancer on the planet. Taking caffeine before exercise has been shown to increase endurance, speed, and power for many activities.

Improve Your Endurance with an aerobic edge. Women taking Drink HRW tablets saw improvements in VO2 max, while caffeine showed enhanced swimming and rowing endurance in trained athletes.

Focus Your Intensity by raising alertness without the stimulant heavy jitters of most pre-workout or energy drinks. The three active ingredients in BOOST \ improve various markers of mental and physical performance while protecting your health, rather than hurting it.

Train Harder, Recover Faster. BOOST helps you train longer and recover faster. Caffeine improved time to exhaustion during high-intensity exercise by 12%, and both Nitrosigine and molecular hydrogen have been shown to decrease post-exercise markers of muscle damage.


The first of its kind, BUILD helps bang out more reps, add weight to the bar, and see visible results from hard work with a synergistic blend of 5g creatine monohydrate, 3g beta-alanine, and 3g hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB). These dosages have been scientifically-validated across multiple studies to enhance strength, power, resistance to fatigue, muscle recovery, body composition, and muscle gains. All three active ingredients in BUILD have been shown to increase lean mass in clinical settings, and promote strength gains when taken in tandem with a n exercise program.

- Creatine monohydrate has been shown to safely and effectively improve strength, power, body composition, and cognitive health in a range of populations. Stored in muscle tissue, creatine improves the supply of energy (ATP) to your muscles.

- Beta-Alanine used in conjunction with exercise has been shown to reduce fatigue, boost strength, and stimulate muscle gain.

- Hydroxymethylbutyrate when combined with resistance exercise enhances strength, power, recovery, and body composition.

BUILD Strength with creatine plus HMB, which has been shown to boost strength gains by 9% over placebo while beta-alanine helps to boost reps.

BUILD Muscle. Research shows both creatine and beta-alanine enhance lean mass gains, and combining creatine and HMB resulted in 3.4 pounds of extra muscle from strength training.

Become a stronger, more powerful, more energetic, more muscular version of yourself while recovering faster with BUILD & BOOST. All batches are certified by Informed Sport, a third-party lab that tests for contaminants and WADA-banned substances.

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About Drink HRW

Drink HRW is on a mission to revolutionize the supplement industry with a new, science-based approach. In just 4 years of availability, various research teams have published 7 clinical trials and 2 case studies using their products, with an additional 15+ clinical trials and 4 preclinical research programs underway. Further, the Drink HRW technology is the only molecular hydrogen supplement on the market to obtain New Dietary Ingredient status after filing with the U.S. FDA. For more information, please visit

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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