The Indiana 5G Zone (IN5GZ), a virtual and practical onsite innovation lab, is excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for companies, universities, governments and students to innovate and grow among some of the United States' most promising innovations in various SMART verticals.


The Indiana 5G Zone (IN5GZ), a virtual and practical onsite innovation lab, is excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for companies, universities, governments and students to innovate and grow among some of the United States' most promising innovations in various SMART verticals. The acceleration of digital technologies, as the physical and virtual world merge, represents the largest business opportunity to companies of our lifetime. IN5GZ is excited to help spearhead this industrial revolution by offering exclusive membership and sponsorship opportunities to work in the country's leading innovation lab, allowing participants to leverage R&D, real world applications and technical assistance.

Sean Hendrix, executive director of the IN5GZ stated, "In its limited time in operation, the Indiana 5G Zone has already established a track record in helping the private sector develop groundbreaking solutions to existing problems. We look forward to working with others in the private, public and academic sectors to develop additional solutions to pressing problems in the future."

Working alongside the country's preeminent innovators in a coworking space provides participants with front line exposure to fully functional cellular technology facilities, which in turn helps companies take ideas from R&D to real world deployment. Members have exclusive access to a 5G public private-partnership testbed, which includes prototyping & experimentation, testing & evaluation and technical assessments. This combination provides an ideal space to innovate, identify and grow market opportunities. The IN5GZ will assist with 5G projects from start to finish, whether that includes research for academia or creating a product to bring to market.

IN5GZ helps its members in all aspects of their business from ideation to deployment. This includes identifying and securing funding opportunities, teaming with government, industry or academic bodies to advance projects, helping with commercialization & monetization, and scouting for technology opportunities. Membership includes access to in-house experts who can answer questions and provide technical support in the lab.

"5G is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution because it's going to revolutionize multiple industries, including agriculture, energy, manufacturing and transportation. Sponsorship allows businesses and organizations the opportunity to increase visibility and engage with those making significant advancements in this field," remarked Hendrix. Those interested in sponsorship and partnership opportunities can contact the lab directly for additional information.

Membership levels include:
* Industry - $6,000 annually per organization
* Public - $3,500 annually per organization
* Startup - $1,000 annually per organization
* Individual/Student - $600 annually per individual

The Indiana 5G Zone offers the most competitive 5G Lab day rate in the nation.

Test Facility Day Rate - $1,000


In the short time since the lab's opening in 2020, it has demonstrated newsworthy technological advancements that are the first of their kind. Below are some recent and current member and partner projects happening in the lab.

XQ Message

Projects stemming from our partnership with XQ Message, a quantum-safe encryption platform, include cutting edge demos. The IN5GZ and XQ are the first to ever demonstrate packet-based Quantum-resistant Encryption as a Service (QEaaS) over Commercial 5G and a 2-way encrypted video over 5G IoT (Internet of Things) gateway to a MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing platform). Additionally, XQ developed an IoT video and thermal image capture over 5G with cloud management as the Smart Cities app providing privacy and security to municipalities and their residents. The project also incorporates Mobil Trackr, a temperature monitoring kiosk that is housed in the Lab. Launching soon, a SMART Intersection project will further explore computer vision and machine learning at the edge, creating a plug & play smart traffic solution that could be deployed with no to minimal disruption to traffic. Moreover, as the solution could be easily expanded/redeployed the range of scenarios will improve the business case for such systems.

Performance Defense

Another notable partnership is with Performance Defense, an Arizona-based software and systems engineering firm that is developing a Mission Critical 5G IoT Gateway with embedded cyber security. This device will serve as the connection point between controllers, sensors, and intelligent devices to the cloud. Its ability to access the 5G network allows the benefits of 5G while providing multi-layer security. The Gateway leverages XQ Message technology, adding encryption to provide maximum security. Performance Defense is currently building a prototype that will be ready to test in April 2021.

Advances Renewable Power

Advanced Renewable Power is currently developing a Mobile Power Grid (MPG). The power generation system will use renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, existing grid, hydro (or any combination), or in some cases as a backup traditional generators to charge the energy storage system. This technology can be deployed to remote or underdeveloped areas to provide critical power where it is needed. The MPG will also be capable of network connectivity to relay its data via the Performance Defense IoT gateway over 5G. This will allow for real-time remote monitoring, diagnostics, updating its digital grid software (InfiniGrid), and energy management when deployed to inaccessible locations.

DynamoEdge / Edge

DynamoEdge has been selected by AT&T to develop applications at the MEC. Dynamo Edge is an AIoT Platform for mission critical applications, ingesting, processing and displaying data real time. Creating prescriptive analytics to augment the value of the network. Benchmarked against the most complex mobile device: an IndyCar race car.

About Indiana 5G Zone:

The Indiana 5G Zone is one of many NineTwelve initiatives, advancing the transformation of physical industries by powering smart cities, intelligent logistics and advanced manufacturing. The test-bed is a state-based public-private partnership, the first in the U.S. to enable government, business, and academia to design and commercialize groundbreaking testbed offerings with immediate practical; is a mission critical partner solving the challenges of DevOps; and revolutionizes the speed at which products get to market by de-risking investment and time. For more information visit:

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